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Gilboa Therapeutics
Targeting Solid Tumors

about us
Background 1 - Gilboa Therapeutics

Welcome to Gilboa. We are a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel, next-generation cancer immunotherapies designed to harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to treat cancer, improve outcomes, and save lives.

While immunotherapies have improved outcomes for some patients, unfortunately, many patients do not respond to currently available therapies. At Gilboa, our mission is to enable more patients to respond, as well as improve response rates, by applying our game-changing approach to fighting cancer.

Gilboa’s proprietary SolidT technology, originated in Dr. Yaron Carmi’s lab at Tel Aviv University. The technology is an engineered T cell therapy that is intended to be used in combination with a wide range of tumor-specific antibodies to target multiple different tumor types.


our technology


Autologous T cell therapy, genetically modified to attack tumor cells

(e.g., chimeric antigen receptors, CARs) among the most powerful tool to date in the hands of clinicians for treating cancer. Despite initial success in hematological malignancies, conventional CAR-T has demonstrated limited efficacy towards solid tumors which remain inaccessible. Dangerous side effects further limit the utility of current technologies.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop next-generation T cell therapy capable of eradicating solid tumors.


Gilboa Therapeutics’ breakthrough SolidT technology attacks these solid tumor cells with unprecedented safety and efficiency, bringing about complete remission in mouse models.


SolidT cell therapy is based on T cells that are genetically engineered to express a modified, high-affinity antibody receptor. This antibody receptor allows the engineered T cells to identify targets through an antibody intermediate. Tumor cells labeled by a tumor-specific antibody are then targeted for efficient killing by these T cells.

SolidT cells are designed to deliver a highly specific and potent attack that results in eradication of tumor cells, leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

SolidT killing in-vitro


Patient bed
Blood collection

Blood is collected from a patient

T cells are harvested from a patient’s blood - Gilboa Therapeutics

T cells are harvested from a patient’s blood

FcɣR1 high-affinity antibody receptor is engineered into patient’s T cells followed by in vitro cell expansion - Gilboa Therapeutics

Genetically modified SolidT receptor is engineered into patient’s T cells followed by in vitro cell expansion

Asset 6_2x.png

These engineered T cells are reinfused back into the patient along with tumor targeting antibodies

Our team


Gilboa has assembled a strong development team backed up by world class industry and clinical experts. Recognizing the significant, unmet medical need, we are driven by a sense of urgency to discover, develop and bring game-changing new therapeutics to cancer patients in need.

Peleg Rider, VP Immunology - Gilboa Therapeutics

Peleg Rider, PhD

VP Immunology

Co-inventor of Gilboa Therapeutics’ technology. Former research associate at Carmi’s lab in Tel-Aviv University, published over 20 papers in the field of Immunology and holds 3 patents.

Barry Labinger.png

Barry Labinger


Accomplished, US-based biotech executive with more than 30 years of leadership experience in public and private companies. Served as CEO for two clinical stage immune-oncology companies and led IPO for one.


Jim Wooldridge, MD

Acting CMO

Seasoned oncologist, drug-developer, and executive, with more than 20 years in academia, large pharma, and biotech, including public and private companies.
Served as CMO for two clinical stage companies, with experience in early- and late-stage cancer drug development.

Yaron Carmi - Gilboa Therapeutics

Yaron Carmi, PhD


Co-Founder at Bolt Biotherapeutics which raised over 400M USD, professor at Tel-Aviv University, published over 35 papers and holds 5 patents.

Itamar Levy - Gilboa Therapeutics

Itamar Levy 


Former manager of 400M NIS trust funds, entrepreneur, a former pilot in the Israeli air force, investor. 

Sharah Dotan, R&D Director - Gilboa Therapeutics

Shahar Dotan, PhD

VP Research

A Biotechnology R&D manager with over 15 years of experience in biotech companies. 

Diana Rasoulouniriana, Senior Scientist - Gilboa Therapeutics

Diana Rasoulouniriana, PhD

Senior Scientist

Completed her PhD studies at Carmi’s lab, co-inventor of Gilboa therapeutics technology. Has an engineering degree in biotechnology from Ben-Gurion University.

Group 242.png

Hana Shpilt


M.Sc. degree in Medical Sciences from Tel-Aviv University.


Michelle Caporal

Executive Assistant to CEO & Office Manager

Executive Administrative and Operations Manager with 13 years of experience in C-Suite support and project management.

Our Scientific advisory board


Lawrence Fong, Advisory Board - Gilboa Therapeutics

Lawrence Fong, MD

Lawrence Fong, M.D. is the Efim Guzik Distinguished Professor in Cancer Biology and leads the Cancer Immunotherapy Program at the UCSF.  He also co-directs the Parker Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy at UCSF and co-leads the Cancer.


Yaron Carmi, Chairman

Co-Founder at Bolt Biotherapeutics which raised over 400M USD, professor at Tel-Aviv University, published over 35 papers and holds 5 patents.

Ezra Cohen, Advisory Board - Gilboa Therapeutics

Ezra Cohen, MD

Ezra Cohen, MD, is Chief of the Division of Hematology‐Oncology, and Co‐Director of the San Diego Center for Precision Immunotherapy. A physician scientist, Dr. Cohen led an independently funded laboratory interested in mechanisms of action of novel therapeutics.


Keith Flaherty, MD

Keith Flaherty, MD, is the Director of Clinical Research at Mass General Cancer Center and a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Flaherty is a medical oncologist and has worked in the field for 20+ years, during which he has founded seven biotech companies.

Michal Besser, Advisory Board - Gilboa Therapeutics

Michal Besser, PhD

Michal Besser, PhD, is the CTO of Davidoff Cancer Center at Rabin Medical Center and a former laboratory director at the Ella Lemelbaum Institute for Immuno-Oncology and CSO of the Advanced Biotherapy Center GMP facility at the Sheba Medical Center.



Gilboa Therapeutics, Ltd.

Address: 10 Oppenheimer St. Rehovot, Israel

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 Israel Contact:

Itamar Levy, COO


Phone: +972-522823609

 US Contact:

Barry Labinger, CEO


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